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Q. What will my tattoo cost?

A. The minimum for all tattoos is $50.

Final cost depends on size, color and detail.


Q. Can I get a Touch Up?

A. First touch up is FREE within 90 days of getting your tattoo from Red Beard Ink. If you don't follow the after-care instructions, the FREE touch up policy is VOID. Touch Up is done on Mondays with appointment.

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• Custom Artwork

• Portraits

• 10,000s Designs

• Cover-ups & re-works

    of old / bad tattoos

• All colors guaranteed

• Specialize in

    Celtic / Black & Grey

• Freehand artwork

• Black light ink


• Keep bandage on for 2 hours, then remove.


• Wash with warm soapy water with your hand, NOT a wash cloth.


• Pat dry with a towel, DON'T rub dry.


• Apply TattooGoo (available here) or A&D Ointment ONLY.


• Rub the ointment in a minimum of 3 times a day, more if need be.


• DON'T let your tattoo dry out. Rub in ointment like hand lotion for 2 weeks.


• Keep tattoo out of direct sunlight/tanning beds for two weeks.

Do not soak for 2 weeks, a shower is fine.

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